What’s the deal with unused equipment?

Sometimes, when we’re negotiating a bill, the provider will identify unused equipment on your account. For example, they might see that you’re renting two modems and one is not connected to the internet. When we find things like that, we’ll suggest to you that you remove them. Generally speaking, that’s the right call, but you might know better than us and it might require a bit of work on your part.

What is unused equipment?

Often, providers can tell when equipment you rent from them is connected. So, their system will show if you have a cable box that’s not plugged in or a phone that’s never connected to their network. From there, we make our best guess that you don’t actually want to be paying for that.

What if I am using it?

If you are, no worries. Providers are wrong about stuff all the time. Plus, you might have a use that they can’t see. Just tell us no and we won’t do anything about it.

However, it’s worth double checking for your own sake. You might realize you’ve been paying for four cable boxes this whole time and only have three TVs that connect. We’ve had customers who were getting overcharged for all sorts of stuff, even paying for two separate internet accounts for the same house without realizing it.

What do I have to do when you remove it?

This depends on the provider. You either won’t have to do anything at all, or you’ll have to return it. If you have to return it, we’ll generally have them ship you a box with a prepaid label or just a prepaid label. Worst case scenario, you may have to drop it off at either their store or a partner store (like a UPS store.) If you do, make sure to get a receipt. It’s pretty common that you won’t have to return it at all. To be safe, hold onto it at least until you get your next bill to make sure they’re not still charging you.

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