What if I got an error or found a bug?

We’re constantly working on improving BillFixers and we need your help. With anything technological, errors and bugs happen. If you encounter an error or bug in our software or process, please send us a message and let us know what happened. The easiest way is to email our support team at hello@billfixers.com.

Here’s the information that’s most helpful for us:

What were you doing when the issue happened
Any screenshots of the situation
Any additional details that you think might be helpful

We’ll get our team to work fixing it and make sure there aren’t any similar issues for anybody else.

What if I think there’s a security issue?

We take security very seriously. As part of that, we encourage responsible disclosures from our customers or security researchers. If you’re just curious about the basics of security, you can read our article about security.

However, if you’re more technically minded and think you might have found a potential security vulnerability, please email us at security@billfixers.com for responsible disclosure. Any details you can provide will help us patch issues. We don’t operate a formal bug bounty program, but we’ll be incredibly grateful for your help and make sure to work to solve any issues.


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