If Your New Bill Doesn’t Look Right

Sometimes we’ll negotiate discounts that come with a rebundling of your current services. This means that the items on your bill may be named differently after we’ve negotiated the bill. Sometimes, old charges will disappear entirely, as they’re simply included under the new bundle. Other times, new charges will be added — we may have switched you to a bundle that didn’t include one of your services, so we added it back to your new bundle. In any case, we won’t do anything to your bill that downgrades your service without first getting your consent, and everything we do is to lower your monthly rate!

If you experience any unexpected service outages, please reach out to us. We’ll make sure that any problems with your service get resolved, while also ensuring that your savings remain in place.

Monthly invoicing is a payment option for 50% of the total savings, and invoices will not be synchronized with your provider’s billing date. 

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