Should I remove an add-on service?

Sometimes we’ll identify services or line items on an account that we find most people would benefit from removing. When we do, we won’t remove them automatically, because you might have them for a reason. Instead, we’ll ask you if you’d like to remove them.

What are add-on services?

An add-on service is really just anything other than the core services you’re paying for. We most commonly try to target add-ons that we’ve heard from people in the past that they didn’t even realize they were paying for them.

Here’s a really easy example: Verizon Wireless offers a service called “VZ Navigator” that they heavily encouraged people to opt into years ago. It is just a GPS App, which is available for free from Google Maps or Apple Maps or Waze any number of free apps. However, Verizon charges $4.99/mo for it. If we spot “VZ Nav” on your bill, we’ll recommend you remove it and just use a free app instead.

A more complicated example is something like cell phone insurance. There’s a whole separate article about the pros and cons of cell phone insurance, since it makes sense for some people but not for others. Some providers are worse than others. Inside wire protection sometimes offers “free tech visits” for services that always have free tech visits.

Should I remove the add-on?

This is totally up to you. If you use it and are getting value of it, by all means keep it. If you’re just finding out about it now, or it’s something you always thought you’d use but never have, consider dropping it. If you’re not sure, feel free to message us and we’ll be happy to give our advice on your particular situation!

There’s absolutely no pressure from our end to agree or disagree to remove any particular service. And you can remove some without the others.

How do you charge for removing add-ons?

We count an add-on removal as savings like anything else. So, if we remove something that was costing you $10 a month, we’ll charge $5 a month by default. Important to note here: for residential customers, we only ever charge for the first 12 months of savings. That’s important for add-ons because technically you’re saving that money indefinitely, but we won’t charge you indefinitely. So, in year two, you’ll still save $10 a month, but we won’t charge anything. Even if we renegotiate on your behalf the next year, we won’t count the removal of that add-on as new savings, so we won’t charge for it again.

You suggested removing an add-on I use! Why?

We make our best guess about what add-ons get use. Generally we don’t recommend removing something that it seems you added intentionally (like a special Spanish language channel lineup, for example.) However, sometimes providers will tell us that they can’t see any usage on something. If they tell us that you’re paying for unlimited data on your home internet, but you’ve never used more than 100GB in a month, we might recommend dropping that. At the end of the day, though, they could be completely wrong. Or, maybe you’ve been out of town and you’re about to start a new job uploading video files! You know better than we do. Just tell us no and you’re good to go.


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