If You Don’t See Your Savings

If the bill you receive right after our negotiation doesn’t include our savings, or if your bank account or credit card is charged for an amount that doesn’t seem correct, don’t worry! We don’t want to charge you for savings you aren’t receiving either.

The first thing to do is understand how we’re saving you money; lowering it beyond what you’ve previously paid, or preventing a scheduled increase or discount expiration.

If we’ve applied brand new discounts to your current services and pricing, and you don’t see them:

Just check our negotiation date, and compare it to the statement date and billing cycle on your new bill. Chances are the bill you received went to print before we wrapped up our negotiations, and everything will be correct on the following bill.

If the billing cycle and statement date clearly fall after our negotiation date, and it still doesn’t seem right, please send a message on that bill page or email us at hello@billfixers.com, and attach the latest bill for us to take a look. We’re happy to make additional calls to make sure any problems with your bill are corrected!

If we’ve extended existing discounts beyond their original expiration by replacing them with new discounts:

You may not see a bill-to-bill reduction. The best way to confirm that we’re saving you money is to look for an updated expiration date on the discounts originally set to expire. If there’s no expiration date in print, you should be able to confirm that the discounts simply do not expire when they were originally supposed to.

If you have any questions about what increases we’ve prevented, or the original and new expiration dates, please just send a message on that bill page or email us at hello@billfixers.com, and we’d be happy to explain our work!

We generally set up our invoicing after we tell you your results, so our invoices will not necessarily be synchronized with your provider’s billing date. If you’d like us to change the date we invoice you every month, just ask!

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