How does the referral program work?

We operate a referral program so that you can share the savings with your friends! The basic idea is pretty simple: if a friend signs up to have a bill negotiated by BillFixers, we’ll send you ten bucks.

How do I refer friends?

When you sign up, we’ll generate a unique link for you. When somebody accesses our website via that link, they get a cookie that marks them as being referred by you. Then, if they sign up, we’ll log them as a referral of yours.

You can access your unique link via the referrals page of your customer dashboard. Generally, it looks like, where the random digits are unique to you. If you send us an email, we can customize that referral link to make it r/janedoe, or whatever you’d like!

You can share that link via social media, email or text it directly to a friend, or whatever works best for you.

BillFixers Referral Page

How do I earn money?

For each qualified referral, we’ll pay you $10. The most common ways we pay are either via an account credit against your future payments to us, or via check. We can also send money via Paypal in some circumstances. We pay referrals monthly, so you’ll generally receive payment from us in the first week of a new month for the referrals from the month before.

If we don’t know your preferred payment method, we’ll reach out and ask. But you can contact us and let us know ahead of time what you’d prefer, if it’s easier?

What’s a qualified referral?

We’ll pay you $10 for each person you refer who submits a bill we can negotiate. So, if they sign up and submit their cable bill, we owe you $10. Even if we’re not able to find any savings, they still submitted a bill we can try to negotiate! That’s a qualified referral.

On the other hand, if somebody signs up with something we can’t negotiate, that doesn’t count. So, if somebody signs up and submits a credit card bill, or a picture of their bill without their address on it, or a bill that requires a security PIN without the PIN, or a selfie (yes, it happens) then that doesn’t count. If they sign up and cancel before we negotiate, that doesn’t count either.

We will also sometimes require a valid payment method (credit or debit card) to be on file before we negotiate. In that case, your referral will have to add their payment method to become a qualified referral.

What if my “your referrals” doesn’t match my payouts?

The “your referrals” section of your referrals page is a rough measure of this that should be correct for most people. Since a computer is only so smart, the behind the scenes code for that is basically: how many customers did who have their referral link created a bill with document. It’s a little more complicated than that, but that’s the general idea. It doesn’t differentiate between a picture of a bill and a picture of a cat, though, so if somebody submits a picture of their cat, that will look like a referral on your page, but we’ll double check before paying anything out.

For most folks, if you tell a friend about BillFixers, and they sign up, they’ll send a bill. So, this isn’t relevant for the vast majority of customers who refer a friend. However, if you share your referral link online with strangers or people trying to earn their own money via referrals, you’re less likely to get qualified referrals.

What if I haven’t gotten paid yet?

We go through referral payouts at the beginning of each month. However, it’s a manual process since we have to make sure that all the referrals are qualified. So, there’s room for error. Plus, we’re a small company and honestly sometimes just get backlogged on this process. As of the writing of this paragraph, the size of our referral program massively spiked overnight so we’re working on new processes to improve it.

If you think you’re owed money for referrals you’ve made, but haven’t been paid yet, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll check into it for you. To make everything faster, you can send your account email and your preferred payment method and details (like the address you want a check sent to, or the Paypal email, or if you’d like the payment as account credit.) That will save us a step! Thanks for the patience and for working with us.

What about business bills?

Business bills tend to have significantly higher savings than bills for a consumer. If you want to refer a business, you can reach out to us directly at [email protected] and we’ll help you get set up. Generally speaking, we’ll pay 10% of the revenue we make from that referral to you. So, if you refer a business and we save them $1,000, you’ll make $50. If you refer a business and we save them $100,000, you’ll make $5,000. There are more details here, so reach out to us!

What if I want to partner with you more seriously?

Our referrals program is primarily built around people who want to share BillFixers with friends and family in their immediate social network. It can also accommodate you if you have a small blog or that kind of thing. If you work at a company that wants to partner with BillFixers to offer bill negotiation to your consumers, users, employees, or any other large group, we have a much more robust partners system. Generally that system is only relevant if you’re referring hundreds or thousands of customers, but it can be as simple as a link like your referral link or full API integration. To learn more about partnerships, you can check out or email us directly at [email protected]

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