Wireless Negotiations and Calculating Savings

How We Negotiate Wireless Bills

With wireless bills, we start off by performing a data analysis to find out key information:

  • The average monthly data usage.
  • How much data is being wasted (paid for, but not used).
  • How many times the data limit has been exceeded, and any associated overage charges.
  • Whether or not there are readily available plans, or plans we can negotiate that are a better fit.

If there’s no downgrade to your service, we will go ahead and put the best plan in place. If the plan that best fits your usage is lower than what you currently have, we will get your consent before making any changes.

How We Calculate Wireless Bill Savings

We calculate savings based on any line item reduction (including services removed with your consent, such as device insurance), as well as any overage charges avoided. If overage charges were included in the 12 months of wireless billing prior to our negotiation, and we eliminate the possibility of overage charges in the future by changing to a more fitting plan, we will invoice for 50% of the prevented overage charges (estimating from the previous usage analyzed).

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