Submitting Bill Documents

Getting your bill to us is easy! Normally, it can be accessed by logging into your online account with your provider and clicking “View or Print Bill.” This should take you to a PDF file that you can download, either with a dedicated download button or by right-clicking and selecting “Save.”

If you are taken to a webpage instead of a PDF document, click “Print Bill” if the option is available. From the list of available printers, simply select “Save PDF” to download the document instead of printing it.

If you have a printed bill, you can either scan it or snap pictures of each page.

You can upload the bill while signing up with us or submitting a new bill, or you can log in to your BillFixers account, navigate to the pending bill, and click “Attach a Document.”

If you need more help downloading your bill, check out our handy guide:

How To Download My Bills

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