Do I get to agree to the savings first?

By default, our goal is to negotiate discounts and credits for your account that don’t require contracts or downgrades. Because the available discounts change all the time, whenever we find an option to save you money with no strings attached, we jump on it. As a result, we’re unable to offer quotes or estimates on what discounts are possible without risking losing the deal.

If the savings option we find involves removing services or locking you into a contract, you always get to sign off on it. If you’re okay with signing a longer term contract to save more money for longer, you can just toggle on “Contracts” on your bill dashboard and we’ll agree to those without checking with you first. If you have “Contracts” toggled off when we start negotiating, we’ll always ask your consent to put you in any deal that comes with an early termination fee.

If you know any specifics you’d like to give consent on ahead of time, you can tell us in the initial notes on the bill or send us a message. Unfortunately, because of our negotiation process, we can’t take requests not to agree to no-strings-attached savings or for minimum savings amounts.

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