Adding and Updating a Card for Payment

This is about our new billing system.

To make changes in our legacy billing system, Freshbooks, you can read our guide here. 


Once we save you money by negotiating your bills, we split the savings with you. Since the providers aren’t our friends, we need to charge you directly for your half of the savings. We’ve tried to make this as easy as possible, so most payments can be handled by adding a credit or debit card at any time. From there, we’ll take care of the rest. In this guide, we’ll go over all the ways to add or update a credit card.

Adding a card before you have savings

You may be required to provide payment information before we can start negotiating. Or, you may just be feeling nice. Either way, you can always give us a card ahead of time (and thank you very much for thinking of us!) by navigating to our payments page. You should be able to access it at any time via the credit card icon on the side menu. If you don’t have that icon in your menu, it means you’ve been a longtime customer (and again, thank you) and are set up on legacy billing in Freshbooks. We can update you to our new system anytime; just shoot us an email at [email protected] or reach out via chat or phone. If you do have access, it’s as simple as typing in your credit card on this screen:

Adding a Card

Just type your credit or debit card number, the month and year of your expiration date, and the code on the back into that box and then click the button below. Then, as long as you don’t get an error, you’re all set! If you do get an error, you can contact us to find out why and we can ask our payment processor.

Adding a card for the first time after getting savings

Once you’ve gotten savings for the first time (or the first time in this billing system, for older Freshbooks folks), you can navigate to our Payment Setup page. You should normally have a banner on your dashboard or an email that takes you here at the appropriate time anyway, but if not that link should work. From there, you can select whether you’d like to pay in one payment or monthly (just click the box you prefer) and then type in your credit card number, expiration, and code in the box.

That should get you set up! If you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact us.

How to change credit or debit cards

Once you have a card saved, you’ll be able to see what your primary card is any time on your billing dashboard. You can edit your payment preferences anytime by going to payment preferences or click “Edit Payment Preferences” on your payments dashboard.

Once you’re there, you’ll have a big green button that says “Add a New Card” click that and type in your new card details to add a second card.

By default, this new card will become your primary payment method. That means whenever we go to charge you, we’ll use that new card. You’ll be taken back to your billing dashboard and you’ll be all set.  The only time we’ll use that other card is if your new primary card fails for whatever reason.

At any time, you can go back to Payment Preferences to change your primary payment method. Just click “Set as Primary Payment Method”

Deleting a card or payment method

We’re working on the ability to let you remove a card out of our system automatically, but it’s a slightly bigger technical challenge than just allowing you to add one. In the meantime, you can contact us anytime to delete secondary (or tertiary, etc.) cards. If you still have a balance to pay off, you can’t delete the primary card until you’re paid up. However, if you don’t want to work with us in future, you can pay in full at any time time and then we’ll happily delete the card for you. Hopefully this will be a less manual process soon, but honestly it doesn’t come up very often, so it’s still on the to-do list. In the meantime, thanks for being patient with us.

What about a question not answered here?

You can always contact us anytime. This billing system is still relatively new, so we’re working on improving and are more than happy to take suggestions. Plus, there’s a lot of stuff that’s hard to build, but easy to do manually, and we might be able to help.


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