Cancelling Your Service Provider

Sometimes a discount isn’t enough to make up for low quality service and bad customer support, and all you want to do is cancel your account and move on. This can be a time-consuming headache, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow these easy steps to cancel your account. Step […]

If Your New Wireless Bill Doesn’t Look Right

If your bill indicates that you have a smaller data plan, don’t worry! Sometimes, we’ll reduce your monthly data and negotiate for the addition of free bonus data. The end goal is that you’ll have the same data allotment you had before, but at the rate of a smaller plan! […]

SiriusXM Negotiations and Invoicing

When you submit your SiriusXM bill, we will search for promotional offers and payment options that will reduce your monthly rate for your current services. The best rates usually come with upfront payment. We’ll negotiate an offer for an upfront cost for a set duration of service, and we’ll get […]

Upgrade and Downgrade Requests

Upgrade Requests The thing we’re best at is negotiating better rates for your current services. However, if you want to upgrade your services and make sure that you’re still getting the best deal available, we can help with that, too! If we upgrade your services, we’ll use the everyday pricing […]