Paying with ACH

When it comes time to split the savings, we accept lots of different payment methods. But our preferred method, if you’re up for it, is paying via ACH. That means that we’ll directly debit your bank account via Plaid and Stripe. This isn’t mandatory by any means and you can […]

How will I be represented during negotiations?

When BillFixers calls to negotiate your bill, we’ll contact your provider as the account holder. The most common example: Your name is Jane Doe, and your bill is sent to you, Jane Doe. We’ll call and say “Hi, this is Jane Doe” to kick off the negotiations. We find this […]

Should I remove an add-on service?

Sometimes we’ll identify services or line items on an account that we find most people would benefit from removing. When we do, we won’t remove them automatically, because you might have them for a reason. Instead, we’ll ask you if you’d like to remove them. What are add-on services? An add-on […]

What’s the deal with unused equipment?

Sometimes, when we’re negotiating a bill, the provider will identify unused equipment on your account. For example, they might see that you’re renting two modems and one is not connected to the internet. When we find things like that, we’ll suggest to you that you remove them. Generally speaking, that’s […]

Should I switch my wireless plan?

Cell phone plan negotiations tend to be different than most other negotiations. While we do negotiate discounts, the most common avenue for savings is switching plans. Providers are constantly changing and offering various plans, some cheaper than others, and there is likely an older or newer plan with similar services […]

What’s AutoFix?

AutoFix is a BillFixers feature where we automatically renegotiate your bill to keep you at the lowest rates. Whenever we see an additional opportunity for savings, we’ll get in touch with your provider to renegotiate. The idea behind automatic renegotiation is that you can set it and forget it. That […]

How much do I owe BillFixers?

When we negotiate, we split the savings with you. So, the super easy answer is: half the savings! You can expand your bills on your dashboard or click “View Bill” on your bills to see full savings details. The real answer can be more complicated, so we’ve tried to break […]

How do I pay BillFixers?

The way BillFixers works is that we negotiate savings on your behalf and then split those savings with you. In theory, it’s pretty simple. In practice, it can sometimes get a little complicated, but we try to adhere to that principle as much as possible. If you have questions about […]

Paying Upfront/In Full vs. Monthly

When we successfully negotiate your savings, we split the savings with you. For residential negotiations, we cap those savings at the first 12 months of savings. When you go to pay, you can pay one of two ways: upfront or monthly. Upfront means you’ll pay for the full 50% of […]